ENCANTO is my newest release: charango-led (mostly instrumental) repertoire of compositions. The quintet includes accordion, clarinet, upright bass & drums.

In Spanish, "encanto" means enchantment, charm, wonderment, or a type of love. The word itself carries a magic that mysteriously uplifts the heart. To me, the charango does exactly that. Even in history the charango is famous for accompanying prayer and expressions of gratitude and healing. This instrument has captured my attention most completely by its heavenly, high-pitched yet gentle sound. Playing it is like exploring a labyrinth of wonders, and this mysterious fascination has inspired me to ponder: What would the charango sound like in my familiar modern jazz / chamber music setting? 


The goal of inviting this instrument into the world of chamber-jazz is to explore the bridge between a “simple, sacred song” approach toward music with a “complex, clever, composition” approach. I believe that both approaches are positive and complementary forces for one another, and I’m passionate about their merging.