TRAIN + PLAY + HEAL meets Monday-Friday mornings at 7:30-9am in Mill Valley to explore the body’s capacity to move, excel, heal, express, create and cultivate vitality.

Classes are held in outdoor locations whenever possible, and typically begin with mindful, gentle movements that improve joint mobility, strengthen ligaments and tendons, calm the nervous system, and relax the mind. 


We then activate our body and mind with movement puzzles and stimulating interactive play that challenges coordination, reactivity, balance, awareness, and athletic prowess. 


Typically, sessions conclude with structured strength training and endurance challenges. Participants leave class having experienced a restorative and strengthening well rounded work out, meditation, and interactive growth experience. 


Our movement practice combines elements of gymnastics, yoga, parkour, natural movement, dance, martial arts, weight lifting, and other disciplines in order to teach our bodies  how to move without excess tension in the most efficient, effective, & complex ways that our human bodies are designed for.  


To simply move is something we do to get from place to place; but once you incorporate curiosity, movement suddenly transforms a habitual act into a joyful remedy, a meditative path, or an awe inducing dedication, that can expand and alter one's life – as it has mine.